Supreme Court: Class Action Lawsuit Against AT&T Dismissed

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The Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the lower courts, dismissing the class action law suit filed by the named plaintiffs. In gist, the Supreme Court upheld the validity of the “pop-up clickwrap agreement”. In that, the court of justice is not the proper forum.

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The Facts of the Case

A class action lawsuit was originally filed on August 2010 in the Western District of Oklahoma. The suit had 4 named plaintiffs. Collectively they represented around 2 million AT&T U-Verse subscribers. The plaintiffs alleged fraud and other violations due to a systematic slow connection.


This resulted in buffering, connectivity freezing, and inability to watch television. Furthermore, the plaintiffs alleged that AT&T intentionally and willfully scrimped on infrastructure and underlying systems on their AT&T U-Verse service. This caused the quality of service to substantially go down. Plaintiffs alleged that such a breach is tantamount to a violation of Law360.


Defense for AT&T alleged that the judiciary was not the proper venue. That resorting to the same was improper and in any case premature. This is because every subscriber agreed to arbitration with AT&T in lieu of filing legal action.


Western District of Oklahoma dismissed the complaint. The plaintiffs did agree when they either signed a contract or adhered to the “pop-up click wrap agreement”. The case was eventually elevated to a Tenth Circuit Appeals Court. The same court affirmed the ruling of the lower court.


The Issue

Whether or not the regular courts had jurisdiction to hear and decide the case. Considering the plaintiffs were parties to an agreement requiring them to submit to arbitration.


The Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled against the plaintiffs and in favor of defendants AT&T U-Verse for several reasons. The first is that, the Supreme Court respects the decision of lower courts, especially those affirmed by the appellate court. Second, the “pop-up click wrap agreement” was freely agreed into. It is assumed that it was also intelligently agreed upon. The buyer or subscriber has the obligation to read the full terms and conditions of the contract.


So, after all of this, you are still considering subscribing to AT&T U-verse? Not only does AT&T frequently release a variety of inducements and special offers for new customers, but they also let others to advertise a number of deals. Consumers may use a discount code on a website such as and save on new U-verse services.

What You Can Learn About Verizon FiOS

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Verizon delivers top quality technologies together with communication services for both the home and business. Thanks to several smart purchases, Verizon is currently the largest cell phone service provider in the usa.



Bell Atlantic with the U.K.-based Vodafone made a completely new U.S. telecom company in 1999 which went on to become what is today called Verizon Communications. Verizon Communications is the perfect illustration of a telecommunications dream, which has beginnings going back to the initial phone company in the 1800’s.


Through the last century, telephony organizations were limited regarding exactly where they might function by regulations, but the Telecommunications Act of 96 transformed this. The recent rules launched the way for a free-market industry.


Verizon is regarded as a genuine telecom company offering an array of technology solutions to both residences as well as businesses. Verizon provides high speed broadband, mobile, residence phones and even TV service to millions of consumers across the U.S.

Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS packages phone, high speed Internet and television service and provides the service across fiber optic communication networks. The FiOS solution was initially introduced in September2005 in Texas. FiOS currently has more than 3.2 million FiOS Television clients and over 3.8 million broadband clients.

Verizon delivers a high quality solution at practical charges and with broad access. By having a number of selections including HD, Prime HD, Extreme HD, Ultimate HD, including a number of fantastic packages, clients will not have any trouble getting a FiOS package that will fit them. Clients can view available packages and prices online at or Verizon.

FiOS Product Packages

Verizon delivers several FiOS program plans and prices in each of the product locations. As an example, a package might include:

  • Double Play – FiOS Select HD TV + FiOS Internet with 15/5 Mbps
  • Triple Play – FiOS Prime HD TV + FiOS Internet with 50/25 Mbps + Digital Phone

The Community and the Environment

Verizon takes company local community service seriously. Two of the organization’s most significant initiatives include the Domestic Violence Program and the Device Recycling Program.

  • Domestic Violence Program – Through the use of restored mobile devices plus accessories, Verizon is fighting back against domestic violence. Verizon gathers aged mobile handsets in addition to accessories at community cell phone drives and also through the mail, refurbishing all of them for victims and survivors of domestic violence.
  • Device Recycling Program – By offering uncomplicated solutions to recycling virtually any wireless device, Verizon helps consumers decrease waste in landfills. Individuals may recycle up to 10 wireless instruments for each trip at any Verizon Wireless shop.

Verizon is undoubtedly creating an important direction for other companies to follow, in regards to social consciousness plus concern for the environment.

College Grads Having Problems Getting Jobs

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There was a time in America where going to college was a sure fire way to get a good job. Now if you go to college and you didn’t major in a high-demand field, your degree of expertise suddenly becomes the butt of a joke. If you look at some of the latest data regarding college graduates, you’ll see disturbing trend develop. American students are already over 1 trillion dollars in student loan debt and that is making the next generation start to think twice about going to college. Many college grads are underemployed and not working in the field that they hoped to be working in after college. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for college grads to have jobs serving tables or making drinks just to make ends meet.
College Grads Having Problems Getting Jobs
Studies by Northeastern University show that nearly 54% of those who received a bachelors degree at graduation were unemployed or not employed in the field that they pursued in college. Many see the economy as the driving factor for this phenomenon. New jobs aren’t opening up because those who are employed aren’t comfortable competing in this job market. It has created a stagnant job market for those seeking employment that actually provides opportunities for advancement.


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A lot of people in the business world use LinkedIn. With this social media site, potential employees and employers can communicate with ease. To get started, one would set up a profile by entering all of his or her pertinent information. The popularity of LinkedIn has grown, and LinkedIn went public to obtain more funds to take advantage of the popularity.
LinkedIn filed the application to go public in the first weeks of 2011. The stock went public on May 19, 2011 with a lot of fanfare. The IPO was $45 per share, and the stock closed at $92.25 a share. In reality, LinkedIn was a successful IPO and the stock more than doubled in the first day of trading. In fact, an investor with patience would have more than tripled his or her money by holding the stock since its inception. In reality, LinkedIn will probably continue to grow at a torrent pace. In the new economy, investors love to buy tech names that make a profit.

The popularity of LinkedIn is truly impressive. When it comes to social networking for professionals, LinkedIn shatters the competition. Not only that, the site is available in more than a dozen languages. In reality, an employer or employee who wants to use social networking will use LinkedIn.

AT&T Shows Interesting Numbers From Q4 2012

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AT&T has released its earnings report for this last quarter, Q4 2012, and with it come some interesting numbers. Q4 ended with AT&T with a revenue of 36.6 billion, 400 million over the estimate from Wall Street. On the other hand AT&T shows earnings of only $0.44 per share. This is up %10 from last year, but falling just short of predictions for this quarter by $0.02.
AT&T Shows Interesting Numbers From Q4 2012
This activity stems from a large increase in wireless subscribers, up 1.1 million from last quarter to a total of 107 million, and from 10.2 million smartphone sales and 8.6 million new iPhones activated. This sales level is unparalleled in AT&T’s history with the company pushing past the 10 million units milestone for a single quarter. Along with this milestone, 8.6 million iPhones were activated under AT&T’s network. AT&T still holds the lead in the iPhone market in spite of loss of the exclusivity a few years ago.

To top it all off, nearly 200,000 new subscribers signed up for AT&T’s U-verse TV service, and a little over 600,000 new users subscribed to the U-verse high speed internet service. These new subscribers join the 7.7 million current subscribers. The residential income from AT&T has grown by 3% since this time last year.

That being said it looks like AT&T is going to stay in its place near the top of the list of cell phone companies. Combined this with their continuing growth in the residential internet and television market, AT&T are lined up to be a contender for many years to come in this industry.

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How to Network over the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes various parties and social gatherings. Time to suspend the job search until the holidays are over? To the contrary. The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to network with friends, family and even complete strangers to find the perfect job.

How to Network over the Holiday SeasonThe idea of networking sounds difficult and time-consuming, but it’s really quite simple. Discussed your career plans with a friend at lunch? You’ve networked. Posted ideas about your job search on Facebook? You’ve networked. As you can see, networking simply means conversing with others about your career plans, whether in person or through social media.

One of the newer and more effective means of networking today is creating a profile on the social media site LinkedIn. LinkedIn is often thought of as a business version of Facebook. Users create a profile, complete with past work experience and future goals, then establish and build relationships with people they know plus other professionals in their chosen field.

Another great way to network is when you are out with friends or at family gatherings. These are wonderful opportunities to reconnect with people you may not have seen for months or years. Take time to ask them what they do and if they have any advice for you, even if their careers seem irrelevant to your plans. Many job-seekers find that friends and family offer good insight into their job search, and may even know someone in that particular field, or know someone who knows someone at a company.

If you will be traveling, continue networking by introducing yourself to strangers while waiting on airplane flights or standing in line at stores or restaurants. You never know who may be standing or sitting next to you, so view every situation as an opportunity. Try to think of new and interesting ways to initiate conversations with strangers. Remember, the more interesting you appear to the other person the more likely they are to listen to you and try to help you. This skill can be very useful not only in networking, but also in future interviews.

So while you are spreading holiday cheer and enjoying happy holidays with friends and family, remember to continue networking for that perfect job. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to do so.

Refused Credit and Need a Bad Credit Loan

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If you are refused credit, don’t lose hope. It does not mean that you are irresponsible with your money, or that you are beyond help, it simply means that you need to take control of your financial future, and start making strides to improve your credit health.

First, get a copy of your credit report and find out what outstanding bills, creditor errors, or other issues are impacting your credit score, and start doing what you can immediately to clean up the credit report and raise the score.

Second, try another lender. Just because your credit prevented you from getting a loan or credit card from the first lender you approached doesn’t mean that no one will give you credit. It is possible that you simply did not meet the target consumer criteria for an offer.

Finally, look for creditors that extend lines of credit to those with poor credit scores. Taking a line of credit with a second chance lender or getting a bad credit loan will help rebuild your credit, while getting you access to the money you need quickly. Beware, however, payday lenders, second chance credit companies and others who service individuals who can’t get a loan through a standard lending institution charge high interest rates, and may have hidden fees.

It is important not to simply look the other way when you face credit problems. Having an application for credit denied is no laughing matter, and should serve as a wake up call to lead you to better financial practices, and improved credit health

Summer Networking Tips

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The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported this month that job openings in April fell 300,00 from 3.7 million in March. The hiring rate of 3.1% was essentially unchanged in April from March.

Additionally, 18 states had unemployment increases in April from March, while 14 states and D.C. saw unemployment decrease, with 18 states reporting numbers were status quo. Non-farm payrolls grew in 27 states and D.C., fell in 22 states and stayed the same in Maine. You can check out all of the current labor statistics here.

With the summer upon us, the talk of jobs always remains a hot topic as recent college graduates flood the market, companies usually slow down (both on hiring and business) and people generally take a brief break from the job search to help with kids who might be out of school for a couple months.

But the summer can also prove to be an invaluable time to network.

1. Don’t be afraid to network on the go.
You don’t have to be dressed in a suit or at a formal networking event in order to network. Go to that neighborhood BBQ or block party and meet some new contacts, maybe join a work-out group or tennis clinic, or even strike up a conversation with the folks sitting next to you at a baseball game or other sporting event. Being outside and in a relaxed environment is always a great time to network.
2. Get involved.
Volunteer for a community or charitable organization as a way to meet other likeminded, genuine contacts. Or if you have a particular skill that can be of value, consider donating your time to a civic or non-profit organization.
3. Use some down time to catch up on your reading.
If there’s been an interesting development in your industry or some news about a relevant company, do the research. With home Internet connections more affordable now than ever (check out some of the great offers you can get with an AT&T U-Verse coupon code) anyone can access top news and industry periodicals online.
4. Touch base with your current network.
As life’s pace slows down a bit during the summer, take the time to reach out to existing contacts. Have you recently heard of a job that isn’t a good fit for you, but might be for someone else? Pass the information along to your network. Or arrange for an evening gathering to socialize with contacts you haven’t seen in a while. It’s important, even if you aren’t engaged in an active search, to always stay in touch with your contacts.

Take advantage of some extra time, slower pace and longer days to work on your network this summer.

Networking on the Web Using Social Media

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The birth of social media has forever changed the face of business. Never before has the customer been so connected with their favorite brands, nor has the brand had as much opportunity to connect with its customers. The old methods of advertising are becoming ever more antiquated, and businesses need to understand this new world if they want to succeed in the future.
Just what is social media, and how does it affect businesses? Social media is, in essence, a method of communicating and sharing via the Internet. Websites such as Facebook have become the gold standard, providing a place to share photos, videos and to discuss favorite topics with friends and the world alike. For businesses, this has enormous implications. Thanks to social media, people now express their preferences in a very public way. They share with their personal world what represents them. For brand building this provides opportunities like never before, although paradoxically it is also a throwback to the roots of marketing.

One of the problems with traditional media is the difficulty in targeting. With mass media such as television and billboards, marketers still rely on chance that their intended audiences will see their message. Before all mass media however, there was one invaluable tool, word-of-mouth. This is what makes social media networking so valuable. The difference though, is that in today’s new environment, word of mouth can ‘go viral’. This means that once momentum grows in the social networks, it can spread throughout the internet and across the globe. Understanding this phenomenon is a key element in succeeding in this new web-based, word-of-mouth world. In previous generations, your ad needed to give them something to think about. Now you need to give them something to talk about.

The social media networks also offer the tantalizing idea of permission-based marketing. When a customer chooses to show their fondness of a brand, product, article or idea, they are in essence inviting you into their world. You are no longer outside noise hoping to grab their attention. You have instead begun a relationship with them inside their network. Like their friends, your messages enter their news feeds, putting a face on your brand. Understanding this idea is crucial to success. By choosing to invite you into their world, they are not asking for you to advertise to them, but instead to open a dialogue with them. This means that your messages must be casual and conversational, and if you succeed with this, the possibilities are endless.

Though it may be a dramatically different way of marketing for some businesses, this is undoubtedly the future. Those who can adapt will enjoy not only financial success, but a stronger relationship with their customers.

Networking Etiquette

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In the world of business and career advancement, there is no tool more powerful than good networking. No matter what you are trying to do with your job, future or company, it is vital to have an established, broad and reputable network of people to call on or to whom you can refer. These can be colleagues, people you have met at meetings or conferences or simply powerful business connections whose numbers you have picked up over time. Networking can be a demanding and oftentimes overwhelming task, but it is one that will begin to come naturally and pay off over time. But you must remember to use proper etiquette when networking, otherwise you’ll leave those potential connections with a bad view of you, and you will not be able to utilize your network fully.

Proper networking etiquette in the business world essentially means maintaining a sense of professionalism when dealing with someone. Whether you are just meeting them or already have them established in your network, you should interact with them the same way you would with a business client. Do not carry on awkward or inappropriate conversations, even if you feel like the atmosphere would promote them. It is easy to get too comfortable with a professional network of people and slip up, turning that network into a group that doesn’t trust or respect your business side. Instead be sure to properly introduce yourself with a firm handshake and your full name as well as what you do professionally. The entire goal to networking is to develop a list of business acquaintances related to your own field. By starting off a new conversation with some talk about that field, you can easily narrow down your network to the people who are most helpful to you in future endeavors, without being rude.

Conversations when networking need to follow common talking etiquette as well. Remain humble, attentive and lively, so that you can easily make a good impression without appearing to be trying too hard. Look whoever is speaking to in the eye, and occasionally ask questions that move the conversation forward while also giving a sign that you’ve been listening. Feel free to tell stories or interact further, but be careful not to dwell on yourself or to appear unfocused on those around you.

Networking etiquette also requires constant input on your part with your network as it grows. Like any colleague or friend, you cannot simply network with someone and then forget about them. Proper professionalism dictates that you occasionally touch base to see how business is and whether there is anything that can be done on your part as a businessperson who shares a common field of work. This does not mean groveling for favors. Instead it is simply a professional way of keeping in contact and making sure your network is aware of your interest and existence. By doing this with regularity, you will find your professional network growing quickly, as the first contacts begin introducing you to others and so forth, creating a web of people you can call on for business needs or input.